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As we rapidly approach Easter I took half an hour to listen to a Tony Campolo podcast about Easter. I was amazed to learn something I had never known wrapped up in something I had known for quite some time!

Tony was talking about Jesus word's, My God, My God, why have you forsaken me? At first he points out that the crock hanging beside him might have become a little nervous, after all a short time before Jesus said these words he told the man that they would be together today in paradise! You would be forgiven I'm sure for questioning Jesus at this point!

However Tony continued and makes the statement that I'm sure we all know, that the bible has only been divided into chapters and verses in recent history (according to gotquestions.com in 1227 AD). So when Jesus wanted to quote scripture he couldn't say Isaiah 1:11 says ... However Jesus did have a distinct advantage (other than the obvious). The religious people of the time knew (and we mean really knew) their bibles. So when Jesus said My God, My God, why have you forsaken me? people would have instantly known he was quoting a Psalm!

I didn't know this so paused the podcast to look it up. Check it out here here courtesy of biblegateway.com and the NIV translation. For me it threw an entirely new understanding on the passage and paints a very different picture of what Jesus was perhaps saying when he said those words.



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Hilarious (even N agrees)!


TV Technology

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I'm not a big fan of TV but I these new technological advances from LG might have me wanting to buy one!


Church Picture

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How you view this depends on your view of church! It is from http://failblog.org/ and you could see it in either positive or negative way. I'll let you decide!

A picture named M2


Worship 2

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I have had the Asbo cartoon playing over and over in my head since posting it earlier this week. It really does seem to sum the situation up well to me (especially following on from New Zeal which I intend blogging my thoughts about once they've settled down)! We seem to spend too much energy and effort on building the kingdom by focusing on the 90 minutes we spend in a building on a Sunday morning (or perhaps evening).

Personally I don't think the kingdom is built in church, on a Sunday, by a group of people who claim to follow Jesus (harsh I know). I think that the kingdom is built when the people who claim to follow Jesus respond to everyday life with grace and love (that manly kind Jesus had, not the woosy kind in many of today's worship songs)!




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It is a well known fact that I'm not one to conform and if I do then it is reluctantly and at times (depending on mood etc) passive aggresive. However as I live with this I won't conform attitude I'm becoming more and more aware of how many of us have this (just maybe not as completely as I do)!

I was reading a blog today (name with held to protect the innocent) when I realised that this blog had been created outside of all the normal rules and regulations of the organisation they work for (no prizes for guessing which organisation that is). More than this the blog had been setup without any conversation with the relevant IT department (no it isn't in NZ and this isn't a personal story). It isn't that the blog shouldn't exist, it is widely read and raises and discusses topical and relevant issues. All that happened today is that I saw in this blog a streak of non-conformity, and element of I won't do it your way and I won't even ask you how you would do it because I want to do it my way (oh if I had a dollar for every time I'd acted that way)!

My point is that while I could be considered a poster boy for non-conformity I'm actually not as alone in this as I sometimes think. We all have secret (and not-so-secret) areas of our lives where we refuse to conform. Sometimes our non-conformity comes with very good and sound reasoning. Other times it is just because we don't want to conform.

So when is non-conformity ok? Well I suspect that depends on your motivation! If I'm not conforming just because I don't want to then probably I need to suck it up and toe the party line. However if I'm not conforming because I've got good and sound reasoning then speak up!


Makara Peak

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Sweet riding tonight! Nic and I headed to Makara (I was nervous given how tired I'd been feeling with the commuting rides) to ride some of those tracks. Pleasantly surprised by how I coped (I actually enjoyed it) I even wanted to keep going at the end! After 11km of fun (and lots of fun it was) we were on the last descent when the batteries on my lights died (they hadn't been fully charged)!



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I just couldn't help but agree entirely with the following Asbo cartoon. We (the royal we of the church) seem to invest so much effort, money, resource, time, etc in what is often largely a selfish, introverted action. Jesus seems to think it is more important we are the salt & light of the world and that we take his kingdom (grace and peace - NOT condemnation and guilt) to every place we go! Doesn't that mean worship is actually an everyday occurance and should be in our every action, word, and thought? Of course I'm a fallen man, weak in so many ways this blog couldn't document them all, BUT ...




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I'm a sucker for punishment as I rode my MTB home tonight. A little over 20km in 55 minutes which wasn't quite as hard yesterday morning. It was a northerly so I had a bit of a head wind but still managed to keep going and pass a couple of people (although just like at the Moonride many more passed me)!

Now I'm thinking about all the parallels to life I could draw out of the hardwork ... Or even make a spiritual message from many different bible passages BUT hardwork gets you nowhere in the bible ... And in life you either die earlier or alone with money! Personally I'm not up for either!!

But I keep riding because I want to manage at least 10 laps at the Moonride with my team riding at least 48 but aiming for 50+


The Commute

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Even now (almost 10pm) I still feel tired from the ride (mountain bike) to work this morning! It was hard work. It could have been the head wind, but I don't think that was it. It could have been the fact I was tired (a few late nights at New Zeal over the weekend coupled with some early starts) meant I wasn't at my best ... not sure that was it either!

I'm hoping that I was so tired (only managed to average 22km compared with 28km last time) is that I'm working hard and getting some benefit from it! I guess I will find that out in 6 and a half weeks time!!


9 Reasons Email is Dead

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I've posted previous articles about the predicted demise of email and today again stumbled upon an article predicting it. This time John C. Dvorak (the author) goes further than just predicting the end of email and actually gives 9 very good reasons why! Rather than cut & paste them into here check out this link on the PCMag.com website.


Another Ride

Category Ride
Tonight was Dry Creek again (it is becoming a Sunday night tradition) and this week I rode from my house. The little under 20km (19.7 I think) was a lot harder than previous weeks. Maybe it is that my seat wasn't adjusted quite right. I think the more likely reason is I'm pushing myself more than ever before by riding more and I'm a litle fatigued.

This is probably good 7 weeks out from the race as in bound to get tired at the race!!



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The following article makes an argument for Twitter. It could convince people to use it within a business or within a field of interest/work. The article demonstrates the value Twitter can offer people so check it out here.



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This weekend N & I (with the boys) are attending New Zeal. It was billed as not a conference but rather an encounter. While I understand and appreciate the sentiment they're trying to communicate I for one enjoy conferences and seminars!

Why? Because they let you join with people who share an interest or pursuit. You come together each with different amounts of knowledge and each with differing level of commitment and skill. It is a melting pot of people all with a common deminator (in the case of New Zeal it is the pursuit of a Christ-like life). You get different things out of a conference and hear new ways to approach tasks you face regularly.

The best thing about a conference? You are reminded of why you're passionate about it and come away with a new commitment to raise the bar and do better (well I do anyway)


Poken Meet

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So last night I went to a Poken Meet (I believe it was only the second one ever held in New Zealand). In addition to those in the video there was another person present who had turned up to buy herself a poken. If you're interested in meeting her check out her Twitter profile as she knows a lot of people (and I mean a lot)!

The video features @vrivett (who you can buy a Poken from and @stevekitchener who I work with. Can anyone identify the location (specifics please)?

Download File


Hamilton Ride

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I managed to get a quick lunch time ride in while in Hamilton with someone who is entering the Moonride with me. There is a brilliant track in the middle of Hamilton (well I'm guessing it was the middle) that consisted of some great single track paths that while relatively easy to ride was quite technical. I can't remember how far we rode but I think it was 8 or 9km.

I'm feeling really good when I ride at the moment which hopefully means my fitness is improving (I'm going to need it in 49 days)!! Speaking of the Moonride we've managed to confirm 2 teams in the 24 hour section - WOO HOO!!


Coffee Quotes

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It is well known I'm quite partial to coffee and I was pleased to learn I was in good company. At a cafe I stopped for a flatwhite (which was above average) they had the following quotes:

Without my morning coffee I'm just like a dried up piece of roast goat Johann Sebastian Bach

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons T.S. Eliot

I would rather suffer with coffee than be senseless Napoleon Bonaparte

Men should be like coffee; hot, sweet and strong Dutch proverb



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Last night I rode Woodhill with Steve. Several things struck me about the park. While it is fairly well organised it is a long way out of town (like 40mins on a good run)! It has a several good tracks that you can mix it up by joining together but they're not well defined when night tiding (a few more reflectors would help). They've got quite a few obstacles on the path that add to the enjoyment.

Overall it is a good place to visit but at $6 (casual day visit) it is a bit pricey for a 16km pootle around (yes Steve I was only pootling)!

Also (there is a long story attached to this), I ended up riding with a Cateye Triple Shot light on my helmet. They're heavy and don't give out as much light as I expected. I can honestly say I think my 15 watt halogen that I usually use gives off easily as much light probably more!


Lotusphere Comes to You 2009

Category Technology
Yesterday I attended Lotusphere comes to you. After being at the real Lotusphere earlier this year I do have to say I was impressed. Taking 5 days and 350 sessions then filtering that down to a halfday (which is free) must be difficult. In many ways all you get is a taste and a sniff of what is available. They can't give you much more in the time they have but they at least give you the highlights of the highlights!

There is still one session left to go tomorrow (Friday 20/03) so if you can make it down I would highly recommend it. In addition to a high level overview of new features in the Notes 8.5 client and server, Sametime, Quickr, and Connections feature and were my personal highlights.


Smart Phones

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Are smart phones good or evil? On the good side I'm able to process email, undertake instant message conversations, update tasks, access some business applications, and even blog when away from my laptop. This really is good because it means all my notes are centralised and accessible from multiple places. It is also good as I am in touch and able to contribute to my teams effort to achieve more for our organisation. They're also (relative to desktops or laptops) cheap to purchase, implement, and run.

On the evil side ... Wives don't like them! They're 'always on' so you can work anytime, anyplace, on any device! They're easy to lose or damage. Kids love them (sticky fingers and more drops). They are most likely a health hazzard (wives don't like them and the keyboards are too small)!

Do they result in us achieving more or are we just becoming 21st century slaves where what shackles us to our master (employer) is technology?


Distributing Software from a BES

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Finally (with some help) I've got Sametime available for distribution through a BES. I found some really good web sites telling me exactly how to do this but couldn't (like a couple of other users on the sites) get Sametime to work. It ended up being all in two small matters. The first was a typo in the intructions I was following - I got tipped off to this by a comment on the site. The second was I had downloaded the wrong client - Apparently I needed the desktop download even though I'm distributing to a BlackBerry phone!

Now that this is in and working I can't help but wonder if Lotus will add a similar software distribution feature to Traveler. In version 8.5 of Traveler there are some significant advances that make the product more useful and secure (ability to enforce a PIN on a phone, remotely erase and lock the phone to name my two personal favourites)!


From Sunday Night ...

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At the Cadets Welcome meeting Major Janine Donaldson spoke briefly at the start. She was really excellent and what she said has stuck in my head (possibly part of her plan)! She said, we all have a choice of how we live our lives ... we can live it for ourselves ... we can live it for others ... or we can live it for God . There was more to what she said but those 3 options stuck in my head.

My personal observations on these 3 options are that living for ourselves isn't fulfilling - distracting, yes - fun, a thousand times yes ... but fulfilling? I think the jury is back and there are many examples of highly successful people, living for themselves, and deeply unhappy. Living for others isn't rewarding (depending on how you look at it), because you can't always please some people and no matter what you do there is always more, more I tell you, and then some more.

Living for God? Surely this is the perfect pursuit for one's life, getting to know the creator of the universe and everything in it through listening to God incarnate (Jesus). If anyone knows how best to spend a life it must be the creator of life itself.


A Thin Line

Category Work
Support is a funny thing, I want to provide it but don't want to disempower people. Where is the thin line that differentiates providing support compared with leaving them utterly dependent on you?

In the organisation I work in it would seem we're good at supporting by taking the task away from people. While this is sometimes necessary for organisational streamlining and cost savings it does leave people literally helpless until we do something! This creates tension as people feel stuck as they can't help themselves and can't move forward until you've done something for them!

While I believe the model we're working towards is one that offers support wiithout stranding people I'm always keen to hear how others see the challenge of providing support without creating dependency.



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Did the Dry Creek loop late last night (8.5km). Was a great ride but awoke this morning feeling a little tired. Once I was up and moving I returned to normal and feel good again. I guess that is a good thing (being a little sore) as it mean I have been working hard (well a little harder than normal)!!



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I've posted a couple of times about The Lord's Prayer and how at our Kidz Church we've persisted with the KJV and NIV versions. Neither of these are particularly child friendly and even adults may need help with understanding different parts of it (if you're one of those adults check out Tony Campolo's podcast on The Lord's Prayer).

Despite The Message not being a translation I often find it a far better read. This is because it's language is a lot closer to what I use and hear everyday. It also uses analogies that I can get (after all I've never been 100% what a bushell was - other than terrible coffee).
Feel free to correct me, but the bible is only going to be of any use if it impacts our lives (which assumes we're reading it). Martin Luther King Jr managed to understand the gospel message so well he lived it and was martyred for it. For the bible to be able to impact my life it needs to be in language I can understand (this is why I'm no scholar - the original texts are in Greek and Hebrew neither of which I comprehend)!

My 2 cents worth? Use multiple translations and versions to try and get the best possible understanding of what was being said. Then if you're still stuck talk to someone and explore the passage in Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias.


Soul Survivor

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Philip Yancey's Soul Survivor details people who have been influential in his spiritual life. He first person he details as having a significant impact on him is Martin Luther King Jr. Part of the story tells (albeit briefly) Martin Luther King Jr's struggle against prejudice and how he assumed he would be supported by white churches (how wrong he was).

Philip Yancey continues to speak of his own prejudice and how now he is ashamed by the blatant sin he (and so many others) were blind to. I guess (putting words into Philip's book) that we are a 'product' of the environment we are 'grown' in.

To take this further it would seem to me that we're still stuck in this loop. Rather than question and reconcile the bible in our lives (collectively and individually) we accept the current state. We may not be comfortable with it but it is easier than trying to see change happen (look at Martin Luther King Jr - living with the status quo and doing nothing would have been far easier)! To re-use a quote we'd rather face ruin than change!

How is it possible that the church largely opposed Martin Luther King Jr and opposed him so vehemently that an entire denomination was started? Is this the same church that started out following Jesus the 1st century revolutionary who wholly demonstrated perfect love without prejudice?


The Commute Home

Category Ride
So I HAD to ride my mountain bike home from work yesterday. I spent most of the day thinking about how tired I was and how little I was looking forward to it. That kind of attitude doesn't really set you up for a fun ride!

So I left and made my way through town. I had a near miss with a road cyclist who came up my inside then turned right in front of me (clever). The cycle path along the Old Hutt Road was a little better as the (road) traffic was lighter. However I nearly cleaned up a lady who was walking over a carpark looking the other way. I skidded to a complete halt right on her left shoulder before she saw me (and got an enormous fright)! Disaster overted so I road on passing another cyclist who was riding at around 25km.

Onto the motorway (yes I decided to try the motorway) and the guy I had pasted overtook me. So from the Ngaranga to Kelson I followed this guy who was now doing about 30km. There were parts I was working hard to keep up with him but I think he was working just as hard (he kept looking behind to see if I was with him)!

19.23km later I was at the bottom of the Kelson hill on the phone to N. She kindly agreed to pick me up and I walked in the house 39mins after leaving work (albeit slightly more tired). The next goal will be to ride to and from work in a single day!


Martin Luther King Jr

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As I read Philip Yancey's book Soul Survivor I'm reading snippets of other people's stories and how they impacted his life. So far (only in the 2nd chapter) it has already been very good as Philip gives a tiny snippet of Martin Luther King Jr.

It is fascinating to hear Philip talk about him Martin Luther King Jr from his southern, conservative heritage. It is a perspective I tend to not consider as it is difficult to comprehend how the colour of someone's skin could be so divisive (although recent history tells us it is very common.

However that isn't the point of this blog entry. I was amazed to read about how Martin Luther King Jr was so quickly targeted after becoming leader of the civil rights movement. And then in a low and dark moment after receiving threats God spoke to him ...

'Martin Luther, stand up for righteousness. Stand up for justice. Stand up fo truth. And lo I will be with you, even until the ends of the earth' ... I heard the voice of Jesus saying fight on. He promised never to leave me, never to leave me alone. No never alone. No never alone. He promised never to leave me, never to leave me alone.

Matthew 28:20 [NIV] Surely I am with you always, even until the end of the age


The Commute

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So this morning I rode my mountain bike to work. It started really well and within 200 metres of my house I was doing 67km and I wasn't peddling!! I managed to avoid the motorway all the way into town. I was pleasantly surprised by the bike path between Petone and the gorge (it had some loose gravel over it but no glass or rubbish as I'd been told)!

The worst part of the ride was once I got to Aotea Quay and had to start riding on the road up to work. The roads don't really seemed designed to handle bikes as well as cars/busses/trucks etc. However after 22km and 47 mins I was safely at work!



Category Random
I apologise now if anyone takes offence! It is meant to be humorous and NOT reflect my reality. I did laugh out loud when I saw it though!


As you can see it comes from failblog.org and I would suspect those who follow the instructions either don't have a wife for very long or they are married to someone unlike my wife (who is the most amazing woman in the world)!


Another Ride

Category Ride
In case you're wondering, I'm blogging all my rides as a training log as I head towards the Moonride. This evening I rode a little over 20km even though I did the same loop as on Sunday! The reason I broke 20km is I met Nic at the bottom of my hill. As I arrived a couple of minites before him I rode around in circles as I waited for him.

I was surprised at how much easier the loop is getting ... Maybe I'm starting to build some fitness! I'm also surprised at how the ride along the side of the motorway to the starting point actuall helps! I guess it warms you up and gives you a bit of a stretch.

The next ride is planned for Thursday morning. I'll commute to work as I'm out of the office in the afternoon in the car and again on Friday. This means I'll be riding home on Friday. Assuming that I manage both of those rides that will make around 80km of riding this week (that is likely to be a record for me)!!



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Some days I'm surprised by how much I rely on technology to organise my days and achieve work tasks and personal goals. Recently I had a small challenge with synchronisation where tasks and notes weren't updating on my phone. Initially it doesn't sound like such a big deal and I wasn't too bothered.

Then I went to a meeting ... Totally carnage! I wasn't able to see my previous notes or make new notes. Arrrrrrrrgh!! Don't panic though, I'm synchronising again now!



Category Ride
Another ride tonight. This was the biggest (and hardest) for a while. I rode to the meeting point where a few friends and I congregated to start. Then we went up and around the Dry Creek loop. This is a really good fun ride especially if you want to try and build your fitness. If you don't want to work on your fitness it is still a great ride with a combination of a couple of steep climbs, easy climbs, single track (down and up) followed by the final few k's burning down and out (nothing better than a long downhill to finish your ride)!

Of course I rode there so had to climb up Guerney Road at the end which was hard work. When I got home though I'd ridden a little under 20km which I was happy with. I suspect I'll be riding the same loop a few more times before the Moonride (as well as a couple of other longer rides)! I plan to load the route into MapMyRide.com. Once I've done that I'll update the blog so you can see all the details (length, climb, route, etc).


Soul Survivor

Category Books Church
If you were to look at the books I've been reading recently you would find a common theme. I've just picked up another Philip Yancey book, this one is titled Soul Survivor. It is the story of how my (Philip Yancey) faith survived the church.

Undoubtedly there will be many more quotes from it (I refrained from writing anything from the preface which was excellent). However here is the first quote I will offer from the first chapter!

... I asked myself yet again, 'Why am I still a Christian?' What keeps me pursuing a gospel that has come to me amid so much distortion and static, that often sounds more like bad neews than good?

It is a question I ask myself (although mine is usually phrased to include the church and an inability (on my behalf) to reconcile the bible I read (especially the New Testament) with it.


Emerging Language

Category Random Technology
In my RSS reader I have a feed from the Urban Wood of the Day site and every now and then there is a word that makes me laugh for days on end (go look up crop dusting on the site).

Recently there was an entry yellular which was one that quietly amused me (the truth is stranger than fiction)! The definition is kind of like the way when you're talking to someone and half way through they tell you they're blind - so you start talking louder!! Anyway, here is the definition of yellular:

The loudness one adopts in response to a bad cell-phone connection, in the misguided hope that talking louder will improve the connection.

"I'm so embarrassed. I went totally yellular at a restaurant last night."



Category Ride
Tonight I rode Makara Peak (again). It really is an excellent venue that is great for riders of all levels. I think my fitness is improving (slowly) as I was able to really enjoy the entire evening as well as pushing hard a couple of times to feel the burn in my legs.

Breathless at the top I rode halfway down and repeated the top half of Sally Alley. Then it was down a bit lower to ride Magic carpet then through the bottom half of Sally Alley. That trip was so much fun we did it again before cruising out through Swigg!

I really need to increase the amount of light I have and while I have a plan it is a little more expensive than the $'s we have spare at the moment.


Oh so true!

Category Random



Category Sport
Is this the year (a question any true Hurricanes and Wellington supporter asks every year)? Again there is the talent (as with every other year)! But will this be the year they put it together and win consistently? The start of the season hasn't given me much more than that not again feeling ... but then against the Crusaders ... Is this the year?


The Church Question

Category Church Bible
Following on from the Twitter question last week and my post about church, I've been thinking about how church became what it is today. Now I know that this is somewhat of a stereo type, but most churches are comprised of a Sunday service (singing & sermon), and a range of other groups (bible studies, mum's groups, youth groups, Sunday Schools, etc).

Now I could ask what the point of this is but I think that would be a little facitious of me (so I'll save it for another time). But I think a better way to phrase the question is to ask, how productive is this? For the purposes of clarifying how I'm defining success I'm thinking of the Sermon on the Mount and specifically Jesus' message about being salt & light click here for the speicific verses from The Message).

How successful are churches in achieving this God flavour in our communities?

Stay with me for a moment here because my real question is, how does the model we use at church affect our ability to be God flavour in our community? Often church becomes the thing that takes us out of society and out of our communities. Surely in order to be God flavour we need to be in our communities. So what does this mean for the model of church we currently have?



Category Family General
As part of a meeting I was just in we were planning another meeting and I was looking through my calendar and noticed the holiday I've got coming up. Again (like I mentioned to N the other week), I had to stop and smile as I consider a couple of weeks off work with N and B3 away from work. It is going to be good to be away from everything (including home) for a couple of weeks.


Matthew 6 (again) Matthew 6 (again)

Category Bible
I know I blogged about the Lord's Prayer only last week but it has been at the fore of my mind since then. The first reason is the podcasts I listened to of Tony Campolo discussing it. The second reason being Kidz Church has been learning about it. The third reason (which is related to both the 1st two points) is that I was a little miffed by a couple of points raised in Kidz Church yesterday.

I find it really difficult to understand why, especially in Kidz Church we would use bible translations and versions that don't use today's language. What are we achieving in trying to explain things to kids using a language that we don't use? I (personally) think that paraphrases and recent versions such as The Message and Contemporary English Version can be a great help to us here. Heck, I often use them to see if I can get a better understanding of what a passage (any passage) is saying. I'm not saying they're authorative (after all what other than the original Greek and Hebrew documents are?) but they're very helpful!

I also think that the give us our daily bread (KJV language) line isn't about providing any and everything our culture deems necessary. It is far simpler than that and possibly tied into passages about being like a child to enter into the Kingdom of God. My kids don't worry about what we'll eat tomorrow. They ask about lunch or dinner (and often all the snacks that join those meals together), but rarely (if ever) are worried about meals later in the week (other than B1 who is interested in knowing when we'll next be eating lemon pasta his favourite meal!

The Message really captures the essence of how we should pray in today's language (although I'm not a bible scholar so may be missing something from the original Hebrew text). I post it again today so I can again read it:

   Our Father in heaven, 
   Reveal who you are. 
   Set the world right; 
   Do what's best— as above, so below. 
   Keep us alive with three square meals. 
   Keep us forgiven with you and forgiving others. 
   Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil. 
   You're in charge! 
   You can do anything you want! 
   You're ablaze in beauty! 
   Yes. Yes. Yes. 


Ride take 2

Category Ride
I've just got home after. 13.5km night ride with a couple of mates. It consisted (by my calculations) of 5km up hill and only 4km downhill (4km along the flat) - this isn't a good ratio!!

What surprised me is that I felt really good the whole way even though there were periods of pain (including two particularly painful incidents involving low speed and gorse bushes)! Even now I feel like I could go another lap (whether or not I'd make it is another story altogether)!

Tonight proved to me I need to do something about my light. As we came down the fastest section of the track I was riding completely outside the beam of my light. This was only possible because I wasn't leading so I knew when the bends were coming. At this stage I plan on just getting a higher powered halogen bulb. However that proved a little difficult over the weekend so I may investigate converting to a 12 volt system (keep my current housing etc.

Anyway, if I keep up this amount of riding I should be feeling pretty good come May 7th!


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